Rental Agreement

Scrapin’ Blessings & Angel’s Rest Rental Agreement


This agreement is between the owner’s of Scrapin’ Blessings Scrapbook Retreats and you (the renter).  By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these statements and agree to abide by them during your stay

1.  I agree to have no pets in the scrap lofts.

2.  I agree to NOT smoke in the scrap lofts, nor on the decks of blessings.   A designated smoking area is located on the ground level off of the Blessings deck area.

3.  I agree to NOT smoke on the fire escape of Angel’s Rest.  Please refrain from using this exit.  Use only in case of emergencies.

4.  I agree that NO alcohol will be used in the scrap lofts.

5.  I agree to make sure that all tools, equipment, cricut cartridges and any other scrapbook tools that is the property of Scrapin’ Blessings remains in the scrap loft.

6.  I agree to NOT order any pay per view movies or videos from the Dish network.  If so, you will be charged for any purchases.

7.  I agree to leave the scrap loft in the condition that i found it in.  Including:  washing and putting away all dishes and kitchen utensils, putting away all Crop Closet tools and supplies, cleaning up any paper scraps that you have dropped under your workspace and making sure that all furniture is put back in its original position.


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