Enjoy the freedom to choose when and what you like to eat by bringing your own meals,dining out or having your meals catered.  Scrapin’ Blessings Retreat lets you decide how you want your weekend.

Fully Equipped Kitchen:

Our retreat loft comes with a fully equipped kitchen ready for you and your scrappy friends to prepare your very own meals.  We have all appliances, cookware and serving ware that you would have in your own kitchen.
Remember, our retreat is a step away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life.  Scrapin’ Blessings is nestled in the heart of small town living and therefore, no major grocery store or big box department store.  Any grocery’s that you would need for preparing meals would need to be brought with you or purchased before you arrived in our little town.  We do have shopping in neighboring towns which is a 30 minute drive away from our retreat.

Dine Out:

We have one restaurant within walking distance of Scrapin’ Blessings.  Rio Neuvo is a Mexican Restaurant that serves the traditional Mexican fair.  It is the only restaurant in town and I must say, they do serve good food and a very reasonable price.  You can also find places to dine in our neighboring town of Galax.  Some places there to eat are:  Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, AppleBee’s, KFC, Arby’s, Macadoo’s, Porky’s Steak House, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Subway, RJ’s Pizza and Subs and several other Mom & Pop’s style restaurants.  Plus there are various other Mexican and Chinese restaurants to choose from in Galax.  We will be happy to give you driving directions or info for your GPS system.  Unfortunately, due to driving distance, none of these establishments deliver to our retreat.



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